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Join us for the Tuesday auction!

MARK Your Calendar for the following events:
Cow Sale in Conjunction with regular Tuesday Sale (Third Tues monthly)
February 19, 2019 or next cow sale date


Early cow sale consignments:

Don Schutte of Syracusse MO
25 Cow Dispersal. These will be mostly Black and BWF cows bred by Webber Angus bulls. They will be running ages with several on the young side. Half the heard will be Spring calving cows due mostly in March and the balance will be fall calvers with September babies.

Steve Diehls of Fayette MO
16 Cows.  These cows will run from 5 years old to mature cows. The will be in the third period to start calving March 15.
Clark and Ward of Rocheport/Columbia MO
14 Cow and 11 heifer dispersal. This consignment will consist of home raised commercial fall calving Angus with 14 cows nothing older than 5 coming 6 years old and 11 first calf heifers as Craig and Carter had dispersed all of the older stock with us this past Spring. This is the last phase of their dispersal as they young Spring calving cows last month. They have all been vaccinated for vibrio and lepto, had pelvic measurements that would meet Showme heifer requirements and all bulls meet Showme standards. Many of the females will be out of HF Impression 5021 (reg. 18237840). There will be 23 Spring calvers that are AI bred to S Chisum 255 (reg. Reg. No.: 17298481) and then cleaned up with JJ Lawmaker 627 (reg.18748715). All bull have good weaning weight and yearling weight EPDs. If you’re looking to add some local cows with high quality genetics that will improve your herd you’ll want to look right here.
Bobby Marshall of Jamestown
15 Cow dispersal- These cows will be running age crossbred cows. They have been running with a good Charolais bull and several should be offered with good Char cross calves by their side.
Several pending consignments for this cow sale.
Save the date March 10, 2019 for Lilac Hill Dispersal at MVCC stockyard.

Missouri Valley Commission Company in Boonville
Sales Held Weekly on Tuesdays Specials as Advertised:
10:30 am start time weigh cows and bulls followed by bred cows
12:30 p.m. start bottle calves followed by yearlings and feeder calves
Cattle Receiving Hours.
Mondays 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Tuesday 6 a.m. to 12 noon
On Sunday by appointment.
Call Jason Hackman 660-888-6166
Look for our website at:
We work FOR our selling customers and we work WITH our buying customers.
Office; Savannah or Lori 660-882-7413
Justin Angell-573-819-8000
Mike VanMaanen -573-881-0402
Jon Angell 573-682-4656
Jason Hackman 660-888-6166
Doc McHugh asked that I remind cow and bull consigners that these are all sold on Tuesday mornings and it works best to bring cows early on Tuesday or the night before. Cows brought late morning, lunchtime or later run the risk of selling late when some buyers have already settled their bills or left for the day! Thanks for your help!

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