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The Amazing Meat and Poutry Industry, we have a lot of reasons to be proud to be a part of it, for more info: Click Here

Meat MythCrushers was developed in consultation with some of the leading experts in the field of meat and animal science, food safety and nutrition to provide consumers and media with the other side of the story : a side that is often overlooked in media reports and the internet. It is also a great resource of information for anyone involved in the meat industry. This was made possible by the North American Meat Institute. Please follow this link to a few dozen short informational videos: click here for Meat MythCrushers

As a good examle of what you will find in the meat mythcruchers videos... might I suggest that you start with: Myth: Grass-Fed Beef Is Safer Than Beef From Cattle Finished On Corn And Grains   I would like to point out how they discuss both production practices as being legit, and both valid good practices that come down to consumer preference.

Missouri Beef Summit held January 5, 2015 videos:

Governor Jay Nixon : Click Here
The Economic Panel : Click Here
The Processor Panel : Click Here
MO Science and Tech: Click Here
The Producer Panel : Click Here
The Commodity Panel: Click Here
The Closing Remarks : Click Here 

Are you looking at renting or leasing cows? This isn't an easy process but we have come across some information and worksheets that can help. Click on the following ,

In the May 2013 issue of The Cattlmans Advocate on page 3 with the publishers comments a reference was made to a Rainmakers song "Government Cheese."  It's lyrics give a very conservative midwestern commentary on the evils of government programs a rare attribute in rock and various popular music. Click here to listen for yourself... What do  you think?

Bailey seems like a really good representative for Livestock Marketing Associacion (LMA)... auction is a great way to determin price discovery, without good competitive cattle auctions... many other marketing programs are lost!   Click here to watch an interview.   

Video Tour of Beef Plant Featuring Temple Grandin: This is a rare public look, and this won't be for everyone, but there have been plenty of "undercover video" of when things don't go right with meat animal production and processing... here is a VERY good video of what things should look like when handling and processing cattle in a large harvest facility.   Click here to view the video.   

Econmics on One Foot. How quickly could you sum up the principles of economics? While standing on one foot, Prof. Art Carden discusses the following economic principles in just over two minutes:

-individuals strive to achieve their goals in the best ways possible.
-every action has a cost
-incentives mater.
-value is determined on the margin.
-profits and losses help gauge value creation and destruction.
-government interventions often have unitended and undesirable consequence.

These are all basic economic principles helpful to cattlemen who participate in the livestock market system.
Watch short video here:

Are you importing hay from long distance? If you are you might watch this video about importing pest along with your hay. Click on this video from U of MO.  

Our friend has suffered a backlash from the authorship of the National Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary from July 13th. This is the video that got Market Reporter Corbitt Wall in trouble with the Washington DC bosses, take special care to listen between 4:56 thru 5:51 on the video... I believe that everything that Corbitt reports here to be factual, but as a government employee he isn't allowed to point it out ... especially when the facts you are pointing out goes against the direction that political of the day in the Capitol. Click here to view;

Think you have it bad? Watch the "Greatest Story Ever Told"  for perspective and a postitive spin.  Part One and Part Two

Wonder where the emotional outcry over "pink slime" started... Chef Jamie Oliver... watch the video
Check out this 2012 McDonald's commercial with Steve Foglesong "Raising Cattle and a Family". watch the video

Jim Warren of 101 Livestock tells a good Livestock Market story and we like a good story.  watch the video

Baxter Black sponsered by The Beef Checkoff on US Farm Report on "Two Man Jobs" ... enjoy!  watch the video

Baxter Black does a video with Doc Mc Hugh in mind called "Doc While You're Here" ... enjoy!  watch the video

Politics has become the art of misleading. This is an interesting 11 min video by John Stossel on Plitical Deception in which he interviews pollster Frank Luntz and Dan Mitchell from the CATO institute. 

A day at the Eastern Missouri Commission Co. livestock auction: Click here for multimedia presentation.

Ag economy gives Missouri cattle farmers incentive to plant crops: Click here to read the full article.

Upcoming or Private Offerings

Haw Ranch of Cottonwood Falls KS,  black hided bred heifers due to calve the Spring of '13, this will be a private offering to EMCC friends and customers if you are interested contact Justin by his cell phone (voice or text at 573-819-8000) or email jon at; 
Here is the video:

Red Angus heifers on Tibbs Ranch Pierre SD owned by Peter Frank and offered for sale by contacting Justin by his cell phone (voice or text at 573-819-8000) or email jon. Sierra made the trip to Pierre to film the heifers.
Here is the video:


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